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Happy to spread the words here – Captioning is a11y (access) and ux (usability) and as many of you know, CCAC aims to be supportive of access and inclusion for all (even with our focus and passion for the CCAC mission – inclusion of quality captioning universally). Best wishes to this new CoP (community of practice). Hey, some might call the CCAC a CoP also :-).

Welcome to, a community of practice joining accessibility and user experience.

Why accessible UX?

Our focus is on people with disabilities and doing what we can to create successful digital experiences for as many people as possible regardless of disability.

The benefits of accessible UX design are felt more widely—people using mobile devices, people who experience situational impairments (for example due to a noisy environments or stress), people who have limited literacy in the language of the site or application, people using low-bandwidth connections.

A successful experience is ultimately what people with disabilities need and want, just like everyone else. Task completion, goal achievement—this goes beyond accessibility as an exercise in technical compliance (not that that isn’t a valuable goal to support accessible UX design).

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities reminds us that information and communication technology has enormous potential to reduce the social and economic exclusion experienced…

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