Announcing New CCAC Grant for Live Event Captioning

August 25, 2015 Comments Off on Announcing New CCAC Grant for Live Event Captioning

Hear this! Listen up! A third CCAC grant for inclusion of quality captioning is now added to the CCAC Grant Program.

CCAC grants have eligibility criteria and guidelines. Read more on this CCAC webpage:


This new (third) type of CCAC Grant is for CCAC members only. If you are not a CCAC member yet, we hope you join us.

Please read about the other two CCAC grants also! Help us spread the words to your other networks.


CCAC – Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy



Live Chat Online for CCAC Members this Saturday, 11am EST

August 20, 2015 § 1 Comment

Heads up for a Live Chat online (typing using an IRC system) this Saturday, August 22, 11am EST.

Topic – Discussion about one of the CCAC CAPs (captioning advocacy projects) – Grants for Live Captioning at Conferences and Events.

Email with any questions or interest soon.

Not a member yet? What are you waiting for?

Ten Questions with Yi Jiang…

August 19, 2015 Comments Off on Ten Questions with Yi Jiang…

CCAC is pleased to share this blogpost by Jade and we suggest reading it. We’re often asked questions about how to begin captioning training. The CCAC document aims to offer first steps. See and send us your suggestions.

CCAC also welcomes collaborations to initiate, participate, and perhaps contribute to funding of new captioning training programs.

CCAC Message to CDC

August 13, 2015 Comments Off on CCAC Message to CDC


Dear CDC,

This is our second message to you concerning the omission of 48 million Americans with hearing loss and deafness who were ignored, not mentioned at all, and excluded from your recent report about people with disabilities (
Please reply to explain your apparent mistake. A new survey is indicated. Yes, we communicate, by captioned phone, by ordinary phones (many use them), email, the Internet, in and among our many valued associations, social media, and more. How about a CDC video with quality captioning asap to invite us to respond also?
Lauren E. Storck, President of, official non-profit, all volunteer citizen advocates for access and inclusion. “Don’t Leave Me Out” is one piece of our educational efforts, see
CCAC Blog Readers – feel free to contact the CDC with your view also. The online form is here:
CCAC – Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy – All welcome!



Please volunteer soon!

Please volunteer soon!

CCAC is an official (or registered) non-profit organization (or charity as it’s called in some countries). And we are all volunteers. Some of us talk together every day online from coast to coast in the USA and around the globe also.

This is a new call for volunteer energies – even if only one hour a month – to help develop and “action” all the Captioning Advocacy Projects that CCAC does, plus some new ones. 

The goal is to have a few teams of three to six people each, from any part of the world, consumers and/or providers to add energy to the CCAC mission = Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally. Yes we can! With your help!
Current major CAPs are the FREE CART offer (i.e. the CCAC Grant for Live Captioning) to educate, raise awareness and make captioning inclusion happen, CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES to encourage all potential government leaders on all levels to make their messages and live events accessible with quality captioning, and ALL MEDIA ONLINE to be captioned (e.g. BBC, Guardian, NYTimes, more, plus all videos online).
Also, the AIR TRAVEL ACCESS campaign, and the CAPTIONING TRAINING INFORMATION project. Either one of these needs energy and/or new ideas to decide what to do with them. And also, CCAC members tell me we need a SECOND CCAC FILM. 
These six projects (national and/or international) are described on the CCAC webpage here: and each project has a dedicated webpage for itself also.
There are also many smaller captioning advocacy actions regularly, e.g. your local theater or video advocacy, letters of support from the CCAC for any individual or group, keeping the CCAC alive on social media, the blog, etc.
By the way, for two years we have a great team of CCAC members who review applications for the CCAC Grant for Live Captioning for eligible non-profits – five of us (myself, two consumers Elsa and Ann, and two providers, Patti and Kimberly). I thank them all! These folks are fantastic because when an application comes in, they are all very responsive on emails. Yet we don’t have enough applications. This is what we need a new team for, now. And for the related Grant for for-profits with large meetings or events.
Let’s hear from you! Email now. 
CCAC – Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy
Best to all reading,

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