CCAC Message to CDC

August 13, 2015 Comments Off on CCAC Message to CDC


Dear CDC,

This is our second message to you concerning the omission of 48 million Americans with hearing loss and deafness who were ignored, not mentioned at all, and excluded from your recent report about people with disabilities (
Please reply to explain your apparent mistake. A new survey is indicated. Yes, we communicate, by captioned phone, by ordinary phones (many use them), email, the Internet, in and among our many valued associations, social media, and more. How about a CDC video with quality captioning asap to invite us to respond also?
Lauren E. Storck, President of, official non-profit, all volunteer citizen advocates for access and inclusion. “Don’t Leave Me Out” is one piece of our educational efforts, see
CCAC Blog Readers – feel free to contact the CDC with your view also. The online form is here:
CCAC – Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy – All welcome!

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