Ten Questions with Yi Jiang…

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CCAC is pleased to share this blogpost by Jade and we suggest reading it. We’re often asked questions about how to begin captioning training. The CCAC document aims to offer first steps. See https://docs.google.com/document/d/144wc5uxvxjjnvB-akUcs3V1Sj15Q8PDKqbLP7IMYg8A/edit and send us your suggestions.

CCAC also welcomes collaborations to initiate, participate, and perhaps contribute to funding of new captioning training programs.


This is the fourth in the allegedly weekly “Ten Questions with” series from my steno group on FB, but the first I’m posting on the blog, because the subject is in mainland China and may not be able to see his own interview if it’s just on Facebook.

The interviewee today is 姜毅 (Yi Jiang).  Yi is a Chinese stenographer with a decade of experience, living and working in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. He works for massive Chinese e-commerce business Alibaba.  At Yi’s request, I have edited the grammar and spelling in some of his answers, but not very much, and when you find out shortly he taught himself English (SPOILER ALERT) you will feel ashamed about how comparatively bad your own written Chinese is *cough*

Yi, welcome. We’re happy to have you here! I am especially pleased, since I’ve been trying to explain Chinese steno periodically and it’s really just…

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