Video subtitles are essential, not just an optional extra

October 27, 2015 § 2 Comments

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Albert Freeman

We all know how video is taking over the Internet, and this is opening up lots of exciting possibilities. But sadly, closed captions (or subtitles) are often thought of as an optional extra, if they are thought of at all. The truth is very different.  Unless your video makes perfect sense without sound, you really must add captions.

Think of a deaf person, or someone without a working soundcard, or someone looking at their phone on a noisy bus. Adding captions instantly makes your videos more accessible to more people. And those people will thank you for it. In fact, if you work in the public sector, it is illegal to make services online inaccessible to disabled users..

How to add subtitles on YouTube and Facebook

There are several ways to add subtitles to a YouTube video. The most fiddly, but the way I recommend, is to create…

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  • How about subtitling ALL ASL and BSL output, or is it do as we ask not do as we do ?

    • ls says:

      CCAC would love to see all SL content also with Quality Captioning. (BTW, not only for media, for all live SL events also)

      A few years ago, as far as our own experience went, we rarely saw that from SLUser groups Today, there seems to be good change and some or even many SL media include CC also

      It’s one extra translation step that requires someone to create a transcript in English – SL is not English (or whatever country and language we’re talking about). OTOH, for any video with audio only, if the person speaking did not use a transcript, that also needs someone to write down the transcript. Once you have the transcript – adding CC follows fairly easily these days for many media online (not all)

      Albert – your thoughts?

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