November 4, 2015 Comments Off on CAPTIONING IS OUR LANGUAGE

WE have said this before and we’ll say it again, in many different ways!

CAPTIONING is our language. Language makes us human. No language, little learning, sharing, giving back, and reduced, diminished, denied.

CCAC is your headquarters for Captioning Advocacy. Join us. Do it. Never give up.


Need a video CC’d – CCAC has limited-time offer you cannot pass up – read

If the low fee to JOIN the CCAC is a hardship for anyone, it’s waived – just ask simply on an email.

CCAC needs volunteer energies! We are ALL volunteers and we have many good projects calling for you! Email soon please. Have a look at the CCAC webpage called Advocacy first.

Become eligible for Free Live Event Captioning with a CCAC Grant! Read more on the CCAC website.


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