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CCAC Membership Drive Begins Today. For anyone who introduces three, four, or five new CCAC members before the end of this year, we’ll think of a nice way to reward you.

CCAC depends on new energies, more members, all adult ages. Current hundreds are fantastic, and yet…we need to build Teams. We want to continue vigorous advocacy more broadly. We’ve done a lot, and there’s lots more to do.
CCAC exists online. Considering that, it’s amazing how many good connections we’ve made together in the CCAC Members’ Forum online, all the captioning advocacy we’ve accomplished together (in many ways, some public and some not). Even silent members add “good vibes” by being in the CCAC.
Some Benefits of Membership:
The CCAC forum – offer and get ideas and advice about almost any aspect of captioning.
Meet others who share your concerns.
Make good new connections for work, advocacy, and other things.
Become eligible to apply for Free Live Event Captioning.
First notices about many sorts of captioning news.
Knowing you support citizen volunteers who care about equal communication access.
Having a place where members’ voices count.
Let us know soon, here or with an email to, if you ‘d like some help from me to contact your – contacts!  As you email them, please put on the “cc” line.
CCAC is 6 years old on Dec. 19th. Let’s shout about it. Tell others what you like about the CCAC. Tell us here! We welcome ALL who support the CCAC Mission – hearing or not, deaf or not, short and tall :-). Mission: Inclusion of Captioning Universally.
p.s. If you want to suggest a new “benefit of membership” – please do – we’re all ears!

LInk to Join the CCAC:


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