CCAC Teams Welcome Volunteers

November 23, 2015 Comments Off on CCAC Teams Welcome Volunteers

Feel like DOING something useful for Captioning inclusion? Join a CCAC Team! Meet others, add your ideas and energy for the mission – Inclusion of Captioning Advocacy Universally.

All MEDIA and LIVE EVENTS need quality Captioning, our language, the world’s language.

Live Events are often now streamed online – not only webinars, also conferences, other meetings. Access via quality captioning for all of these please  – ask, educate, raise awareness and ask again.

CCAC Teams each have a focus – one of the several ongoing (or new) CCAC CAPS – captioning advocacy projects. See for this list of current CAPS.


Please volunteer soon!

Three teams are using Google Hangouts (GH) now – the chat system. Sometimes the whole team is there, live, real time, and sometimes only a few, or even one person who adds her or his input after reading the discussion. It works! Using a gmail address is best.

Interested? Hope so! Email



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