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Dear CCAC Members, Subscribers, Friends, Fans, Followers,


Tomorrow is a huge national holiday in the USA – the favorite of many. Wherever you are, whatever you’ll be doing this week, we want to say a big thank you for:
being a member or fan of the CCAC – being with us! new members, say hello soon; longer time members – let us hear from you soon; let’s build our numbers, invite others, vital;
for the three Captioning Advocacy Teams that are moving forward – GOVERNMENT MEETINGS, MEDIA, and CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES, and for AIR TRAVEL ACCESS aiming to begin discussions soon; other Teams welcome – volunteer to be a co-leader and let’s talk!
to our Sponsors during these six years, and the two this year, ECAPTIONS.COM AND NVRA.ORG
to volunteers who have helped CCAC with so many things behind the scenes; you know who you are;
to everyone and every group, in CCAC or outside of CCAC, who ASKS for any Captioning they need;
to Providers who create our language
to new Members and Donors whose contributions are valuable, any size
Good things!

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