CCAC Matters – Captioning Activism + Community

March 9, 2016 Comments Off on CCAC Matters – Captioning Activism + Community

In the past few days the CCAC is asked about
*Remote Captioning and,
* If we would do a Webinar for another organization and,
* If we will offer a workshop in the Spring and,
* If we could review the final draft of an important survey re captioning and,
* If  if we can help someone find captioning providers and…
More too! All that and the wonderful discussions inside the CCAC Members’ Forum online also.
Oh yes, busy every day to #captiontheworld  We are all volunteers, please join the CCAC soon!  Ask your friends and others to JOIN the CCAC – family? colleagues? social networks?
How can we help you with that? As an all-volunteer organization, there’s considerable burn out if new members and new energies do not come along….sooner the better.
CCAC = Captioning Activism + Community 
Stay awake!

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