Summer Solstice and Captioning Advocacy

June 19, 2016 Comments Off on Summer Solstice and Captioning Advocacy

The long days now in our part of the world seem ideal for expanding our CAPTIONING ADVOCACY activities. How about joining us – helping – in any small way or larger way that works for us both!

CCAC is all volunteers. We need new members and added energies all the time – as much as we welcome donations.

Some CCAC behind-the-scenes chores are listed below – and if you want to suggest a new way or a new idea about how to accomplish the CCAC Mission- please tell us!

Some of the current CCAC captioning advocacy projects are listed below also – and we’d love to have your participation. Email soon.

CCAC Mission – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally
Web –
Email –
Captioning Advocacy Projects all welcome new helpers! Get in touch with questions and ideas for:

CCAC GRANTS FOR LIVE EVENT CAPTIONING – CCAC gives money to educate, raise awareness and make captioning inclusion happen, Apply now! – help us “market” this offer of Free Captioning.

CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES Campaign to encourage all government leaders on all levels to make their messages and live events accessible with quality captioning. Volunteers needed.

MEDIA – VIDEO – CAPTIONING ADVOCACY includes so much. Recently, CCAC talked with YOUTUBE/GOOGLE directly. #WHccNOW campaign on social media for White House to add quality CC to all social media videos. CCAC contacts Senators pushing OBM for WEB ACCESS. Every day, volunteers contact many video content owners to use Quality CC, offer to add quality CC to short videos for free or at cost. Media – part of life!

CCAC also participates in Cinema and TV media advocacy, distributes media captioning news, and more…more…more (e.g. April 2016, success for Florida TV station).

AIR TRAVEL ACCESS campaign, info on – CCAC confers directly with USA DOT and we hope to see this develop in 2016. CCAC Let’s fly together – contact us to help. Volunteers welcome.


GOVERNMENT MEETINGS NEED LIVE CAPTIONING – ONSITE AND ONLINE. City council to state level to national – quality CC required.

Ongoing smaller captioning advocacy by many CCAC members every day! We contact TV stations, Internet video producers, schools, churches, employers and others Join discussions in CCAC member forum online. For two examples, Sesame Street new videos need quality CC when published; Leading non-profit for Women in Politics needs CC for all webinars, and many others.

CCAC activities to help with also:
Advocacy projects as above, or a new one you want to do. If there is an area of everyday life where captioning is lacking, why not put yourself forward to lead or participate in a small team which can co-ordinate advocacy activities?

Writers and contributors: If you like writing, you can submit articles about captioning to us for publication or we can help you submit them to external publications to raise awareness and increase provision of captioning

Film-makers: If you have camera equipment and editing skills, you could make a short film or slideshow about your experience of captioning that CCAC can promote via social media and our websites.

Administration and book-keeping: We need volunteers to help us keep track of new members, donations, sponsors, and more essential tasks for the organization.
Web developers and digital marketing experts: We need help to design new web pages and digital promotional materials

Social media leaders: A lot of our work takes place over social media and we need people to monitor and stimulate activity on our various channels

Grants leader: CCAC gives grants for live event captioning to stimulate provision. We are seeking a volunteer who can help deliver outreach activities to support this alongside a fabulous small team in place now

Hearing loss and related Groups Collaborations and Liasons: We need volunteers to continue and develop new working relationships between CCAC and other organizations that support people with hearing loss, deafness, disabilities, education, media, etc.

Fundraising: CCAC is a non-profit organization that needs to raise funds in order to grow its activities. We would be very keen to hear from people with fundraising skills who may be able to assist us in this

Marketing the CCAC and the CCAC Mission – all tasks above are part of this, yet here, someone to use an identified open source system to keep track of it all and more. Yes you can!

CCAC Flyer with logo CCAC and text  about the organization


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