EVERY DAY in every way we aim to find – have – enjoy – equal communication access and for many of us – millions – it’s quality captioning we can use. This post is about Media captioning online.

Breaking news is important for all of us to have access to. Videos and live broadcasts online must have quality captioning. The law (e.g. in the USA for TV also online) is that CC is required. Yet many times it takes a strong persistence to figure out how to turn it on (yes really, it’s not always a visible “cc” on the bottom of the screen) and then to adjust it.

Options to adjust it vary – font size, text color, background color, and more. Here’s my effort today to be able to read and use the online news as comfortably as people without hearing differences:

Image from computer screen of news online program with captioning lines now changed to black text on yellow background so we can see the captions that were earlier impossible to read being white text on transparent background on top of large banner on bottom of screen from news channel

I opened MSNBC. Good news is that videos are all captioned (as required by law) yet at first CC was totally unreadable due to white text on transparent background that was placed right on top of the banner text along bottom of screen. Impossible.

With 4 clicks – yes four – I changed it to the following:
1. click on CC
2. my CC already ON – click on color of text
3. click on color of background
4. click on apply

In the CCAC Members’ Forum the other day we were talking about similar issues for YouTube videos, especially now with the new system YT/Google seems to be using. Check out the options everyone!

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