Auditory Fatigue/Listener Fatigue

September 6, 2016 Comments Off on Auditory Fatigue/Listener Fatigue

Great review of AUDITORY fatigue – hearing and listening and understanding energies beyond what others suppose:


by Chelle Wyatt

I belong to three hearing loss organizations and they each have something I value (SWC is closest to my heart). I love my local HLAA chapter for its face to face meetings. A few weeks ago they had Susan Naidu, an audiologist at the University of Utah talk about auditory fatigue, also called listener fatigue and cognitive energy fatigue. She works with patients in the clinic, trains graduate students to become audiologists and her favorite thing to do is aural rehabilitation therapy. She was happy to talk about auditory fatigue because “it’s a very real phenomenon, it’s a real condition but it’s not discussed much and not researched enough.” It isn’t clinically recognized but many professionals are familiar with it.

Auditory fatigue doesn’t mean people are dumb because they can’t listen, it’s the “energy it takes to fulfill the complexity of listening because listening requires more to…

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