Welcome 2017 – A Captioning Year

January 4, 2017 Comments Off on Welcome 2017 – A Captioning Year

Happy New Year to all reading! We welcome the new year, and we will welcome all of you who decide to help make 2017 a great year for captioning inclusion.

CCAC Logo with words Caption Universally

CCAC is now 7 years old. My oh my – time flies. Much accomplished, much more to do!

We invite you to read the CCAC webpages – soon. CCAC volunteers do so much. Offer so much for an all volunteer official non-profit. We live online. And you are needed now.


Teams will form soon for various good captioning advocacy projects. From revision of the CCAC website to guest blogposts here to social media and fundraising and the Grant Program and more….you are needed too.



CCAC Flyer with logo CCAC and text about the organization



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