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Social media online are where we read the NEWS, every day. They are how we keep in touch with  family and friends. It’s where most of us as citizens of any country want to learn more, think with others, and share information.

Information and communication is vital for healthy living. And with communication, good relationships get better.

FACEBOOK is one of the world’s most popular news media now. It also has a lot of entertainment. It also has educational events.

Yet the many videos and LIVE STREAMS now online, on Facebook and other places, mostly lack QUALITY CAPTIONING.



WHY CAPTION? There are so many good reasons. Only a few of them we’ll list again here:

1. Captions allow people to watch the stream or video even in quiet places, even in noisy places, even at work.

2. Millions and millions require captioning to have “equal communication access” and be included in all societies. Why? They don’t hear well, they are deaf, or they have one of many other conditions where reading captioning helps hugely (e.g. tinnitus, auditory processing differences, autism, more).

3. In the USA alone, there are about 50 million good people with hearing loss or deafness now. Good research suggests hearing loss affects one in five people everywhere, of all ages.

4. Facebook does have a system for anyone to add captioning to their videos. People must be encouraged (even required some of us say) to use it.

5. For Live Streams online, does Facebook make it easy? We need to find out soon! We are told by one provider that it’s as simple as using Streamtext online. If you have more info, please send it to us soon.

6. With captioning for any live streaming, you will have a ready record of the event for yourself and many others.

Yes, it costs some money for live captioning.  We’re all worth it. Your audience will grow, and you are worth it too. It’s not going to break any bank.

Just do it.

Here is a general information page from FB for live streaming. No mention of live captioning.

CCAC Flyer with logo CCAC and text about the organization

CCACAPTIONING.ORG has more information. Look under the Advocacy tag and read down. Send us your questions and comments please.











access and inclusion of millions and millions with hearing loss or deafness


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