What is the Power of Captioning?

April 25, 2017 Comments Off on What is the Power of Captioning?

What is “The Power of Captioning”? is an edited article from the CCAC newsletters published during 2012. We welcome your examples in comments here, and your questions, as always.

This is a concept that is vital for mega-millions of citizens who are …

  • Learning to read or wanting to boost reading skills
  • Learning a new language
  • In need of translations
  • Needing immediate transcription (full notes) without requiring note takers or a flawless memory
  • Employed or at leisure with others who have different accents, in situations with poor acoustics, noisy backgrounds (sports places, restaurants and bars, etc.)
  • Managing productive lives with different learning and listening styles (such as auditory perceptual differences, autism, tinnitus without hearing loss, others)
  • Doing business to reach wider markets via Search Engine Optimization – no search without good captions on any media online
  • Using captioning in situations rather than increasing volume, so as not to disturb others in very quiet places (e.g. libraries)
  • Navigating life with different hearing or no hearing (48 million people in USA alone, one in four or five globally)
  • Hearing people use captioning in all the above ways as well.

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