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From one CCAC Member:
When I went to Sydney last weekend to attend the NSW Deaf Poker championships (don’t laugh its a very serious event!) I had to use the trains from Sydney Airport to Parramatta (a long way out in the western suburbs).

Coming back to the airport on the Sunday, due to weekend trackwork I had to get off the train that would usually be a direct route 3-4 times and then go to a different platform as they were changing things on the run.

There was only an audio announcement made – their electronic screens did not update as they were doing these changes off the cuff…

The only way I worked out how to get to the airport was to follow people on the train with airport luggage! Such a frustrating experience and if I had of been going the other way (away from the airport) I may have ended up in Cabramatta! (a very different part of the city)

You’d think that this wouldn’t happen in 2018 but I was shocked by this and it was a very disappointing experience…I ended up catching a taxi for more than half the trip (at significant expense)…

CCAC here: Another member suggested sending the taxi receipt to the train company – yet even if that were easy, and even if they paid without a fuss, it would not compensate for the worry, and the lack of inclusion – the lack of real time captioning for many to fully understand what was happening. Live quality captioning in a proper announcement system is not hard to create, and it does not cost huge amount of money either. Our hunch is that anyone who speaks clearly into a high quality dictation system (speech to text) could provide adequate information to all with hearing loss, and for many others such as visitors from other countries, people with other audio-perceptual needs (there are many). Even better, to contract with a professional captioning company to have a professional captioner “on call” to provide live “captioning” for any emergency situations (in some cases it will save lives also).

Travels are a most important part of everyday life!

What advocacy can we help you with?
Watch the CCAC film – travel is in there (airports).
Find the page on the CCAC website, and….
Shall we aim for a new video just about TRAVEL/TRANSPORTATION – let’s count the ways, share stories.

Another CCAC Member added:
I was on the WA State Ferry system the other day and in fact, an announcement was made I could not understand at all. With my CI, most announcements (and conversations that are not one-on-one) are “heard” but a complete blur for me. I saw a staff person walking around, asked him what was going on, and he spoke with me- at length it turned out – his wife had just seen an audiologist for hearing aid, etc. Then he told me there was text on two screens on the ferry for announcements – then, he pointed to the screen nearest us, and said, “Oh no, it’s turned off!” – “Well, that’s no good is it?” – right!
The monitor was completely off. I am sure he went back to tell the captain or whomever (I hope).

Another CCAC Member: …have sworn off travel to some places because of that horrible sinking sensation that I am going to be forever lost in this foreign place where no one knows me and no one will find me. Once in London, someone I could not lipread put me in a cab after I discovered on a lonely dock that the ferries were cancelled that day but the concierge at the hotel hadn’t bothered to look.. . thank goodness for that stranger!


Readers – what do you think about all this? what can be done? your story?




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