Auto-Captioning – Time to Learn More

August 23, 2018 Comments Off on Auto-Captioning – Time to Learn More

CCAC is pleased to offer a new resource – a listing of auto-captioning systems (machine captioning systems). They are called by various names (ASR for automatic speech recognition, dictation, speech-to-text) and even captioning. They are probably called machine subtitling systems in many countries too.

Here is what we added today on the CCAC webpages for “Resources” and “Advocacy” –


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Machine systems have pro’s and con’s – some work for some voices best, in some but not other situations best, and have different features and details to explore and try.

Using a captioning professional provider still is the best way to reach full quality for live captioning, yet machine systems have improved over recent years, and are handy in some places (if not too noisy, if the audio is excellent, if not too many different voices, if you have good acoustics, etc.) For transcriptions and post-production captioning for videos, when someone can edit to correct and use punctuation on the machine-made transcript, that’s handy too. 

Let’s Talk Captioning!


CCAC members use an active forum online (a google group) if you care to join from the CCAC website. 

(New CCAC resource, August 2018, with thanks to Mathew Call and L. Storck.)


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