Where Do You Wish You Had Captioning All the Time?

November 27, 2018 Comments Off on Where Do You Wish You Had Captioning All the Time?

We recently asked our not-unusual question in a new way on Facebook, and the number of replies was much larger than normal, and most illuminating.
We used to ask, every few months or so, ‘where do you need captioning'” and many diid reply…and yet:
This time we asked¬†“Where do you wish you had captioning all the time?”
and the response rate is huge, and while the answers will not surprise any of us, it’s fascinating, and important (!) that we (all of us I suggest) ‘wish’ we had captioning in so many places all the time.
We wish we did not have to ask for it all the time, and many of us (me too) are not asking for it enough (for some understandable reasons), and what can we all do about this?
Wishing is good! It’s what we deserve for equal rights, our civil rights, full citizenship, to be able to participate and give back too. For human needs for inclusion and belonging, vital for healthy living.
Meanwhile, for those using FB, the page with the replies is here – the 2nd or 3rd conversation down. if you go there, please “follow” and ‘like” the page –¬†https://www.facebook.com/ccac.captioning/
We’ll aim to write up a short paper with the replies, yet you can all guess what many of them are! e.g. all over the Internet (e.g. webinars); on all transportation (e.g. airport announcements); theater, cinema, church, emergency/disaster videos, e.g. live news updates; stand-up comedy…and much more.

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