CCAC Celebrates 25 Years of the ADA

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Tomorrow, July 26 is the actual day of the ADA’s 25th anniversary – since signed into law. May the next 5 years bring us as much progress – we can do it! Access and inclusion. Nothing without us.


CCAC Mission: Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally

Join us – see – strength in numbers – fee waived if a hardship for anyone


The most fun you can have with a steno machine…

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A provider extraordinare talks about Stadium Captioning – thanks Jade, from CCAC – the place 2 B 4 captioning advocacy invites the world to join us soon!

Originally posted on Jadeluxe:

There’s a lot of information online about court reporting, deposition reporting, captioning and CART, but not much about stadium captioning, so I thought I’d put this post up.  If you are one of those writers who look at these photos and feel sick (and some people do say that when I post pics of stadium captioning on my Facebook), remember that while stadium captioning is steno at its least controlled, in an environment where anything can happen, you probably won’t die attempting it.  Unlike bungee jumping.  Statistically, there is a 2-in-1,000,000 chance of dying while bungee jumping, which is probably way higher than the chance of dying while doing stadium captioning.

It’s really just a job like any other, but with added production values and free dinner.  There are adverse writing conditions we’re not used to, but once you know what to expect, you might be prepared to give it…

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Happy to spread the words here – Captioning is a11y (access) and ux (usability) and as many of you know, CCAC aims to be supportive of access and inclusion for all (even with our focus and passion for the CCAC mission – inclusion of quality captioning universally). Best wishes to this new CoP (community of practice). Hey, some might call the CCAC a CoP also :-).

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Welcome to, a community of practice joining accessibility and user experience.

Why accessible UX?

Our focus is on people with disabilities and doing what we can to create successful digital experiences for as many people as possible regardless of disability.

The benefits of accessible UX design are felt more widely—people using mobile devices, people who experience situational impairments (for example due to a noisy environments or stress), people who have limited literacy in the language of the site or application, people using low-bandwidth connections.

A successful experience is ultimately what people with disabilities need and want, just like everyone else. Task completion, goal achievement—this goes beyond accessibility as an exercise in technical compliance (not that that isn’t a valuable goal to support accessible UX design).

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities reminds us that information and communication technology has enormous potential to reduce the social and economic exclusion experienced…

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Why Don’t the Media Care About Hearing Loss? or Captioning?

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Why Don’t the Media Care About Hearing Loss?.

Good question!



We welcome comments and discussion here, and invite same in the CCAC forum online – Join the CCAC to keep up to date with what’s happening among hundreds of Captioning advocates globally.

Let’s Talk Captioning! New Video

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Video about Captioning Advocacy hot off the press today:


CCAC – the place to be for Captioning Advocacy


June 16 We Talk Captioning -Come Along on Twitter with AXSChat Hosts

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Chat Questions for tomorrow’s discussion.

Read more here:






It’s about time, past time, needs must! Captioning is the world’s language. It’s not only for deaf, deafened and people with hearing loss (though mega-millions of us refuse to be “left out” any longer).



EDUCATION – Live Captioning Job Opening

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From a CCAC member – CART job opening – Hooray for access and inclusion with quality live captioning for all students who need it, want it, and deserve it.

Education is a many-splendid thing! #CaptiontheWorld

Good News!!!  There is still time to apply!  The University of Wisconsin staff CART provider position recruitment has been extended until July 8, 2015!

Join the University of Wisconsin, McBurney Disability Resource Center Deaf and Hard of Hearing team. Learn something new every day!  We provide captioning to approximately 30 Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students.  We have one of the largest CART teams in the country and are growing quickly!  We employ 7 staff and hourly CART providers.  We work in classes from Anthropology to Zoology for students working on bachelors to PhDs!


CART providers at UW-Madison receive a full State of Wisconsin benefits package which includes, paid time off (generous vacation time, personal holiday, and paid legal holidays), insurance options (health, life, and dental), retirement plan options (State of Wisconsin Retirement System, Deferred Compensation, Tax-Sheltered Annuity) and professional development opportunities!  All CART equipment and software is provided.


Application materials due July 8, 2015.
View our full job description


Sarah Falsey RPR, CRR, CCP
Lead Captioner and Coordinator
CART Provider
University of Wisconsin-Madison
McBurney Disability Resource Center
702 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53715
608-263-2741 (Voice-Front Desk Number)
608-225-7956 (Front Desk Text Number)
608-229-1289 (Video Phone)
608-265-2998 (Fax)

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