Open Captions On Broadway!

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Happy to re-blog Shari’s new experience with live theater captioning – oh yes – ask for it folks – never give up – CCAC will advocate with you. Email us, we love to talk! – the Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy
All media and Live Events also – quality captioning is the world’s language


TDI – mentioned by Shari below-is one very good place to learn more while you begin your own advocacy. Another different sort of place is a company called Captions Across America. Also, if you know a provider of live event captioning for anything in your aeaa (for meetings, etc.) – ask them if they would advocate with you. c2 is a company in NYC to contact also, and in the UK, there’s the well-known StageText group – check them out. Please use comments here to add your own information. And join the CCAC – we make it easy for you! – strength in numbers!

Living With Hearing Loss

I love attending the theater, but with hearing loss it can be challenging. The dialogue moves quickly, performers sometimes speak in heavy accents, and the phrasing of the songs can make it hard to understand what is being said. What a dream it would be if the performances were captioned. Well, it turns out some of them are!

Last week, I attended my first open captioned performance on Broadway. It was wonderful! The show, Tuck Everlasting, was a fun musical set in a magical woods outside a provincial town. It dealt with life and death, and asked the question, “Would you want to live forever?” The dialogue was fun, the sets beautiful, and the 11-year old star a dynamo. And the captions were a huge help. I even saw my husband (no hearing loss) glancing over a few times to pick up a line of dialogue or two that he missed.


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