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  • Lauren says:

    CCAC news will be launched this year! We are taking your sponsorships now (your message in a large or smaller ad), and also your Captioning Advocacy news.


    Your message will reach thousands. Get in touch soon.

    • ls says:

      We have replied to you Don with an email to your same email message to us. In brief here for everyone, we agree that government needs to be accessible for informed citizens.
      Other city councils are doing this now we are told.

      We suggest using the new online service here: – register oneself, and/or, encourage the government department to register (no cost to register). Then providers who are interested in learning more in order to provide this service, will send you information.

      Questions about to

      Sounds like good advocacy and hope to help make it happen there.

      ls/ccac and captionmatch

  • donwarnersaklad says:

    How do you get Boston City Council to include cablecast/webcast Captioning in next year’s bids’ requirements for City Stenographer for public meetings?… The current stenographic record of public meetings of Boston City Council are in .sgstn stenograph stenonote format incompatible with computers for folks with hearing loss.

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