Payments and Donations: Secure Paypal System

Click on the Donate Button above. All revenue goes into an account in founder’s name DBA the CCAC (doing business as the CCAC). All revenue is used only for captioning advocacy and the development of the CCAC itself, all volunteers, no paid staff.

If you have any trouble using the Paypal system here, please email:

a. Your name

b. Address

c. Email address

d. Telephone

e. Amount

f. When you make a contribution, PayPal sends you an automatic email receipt.

THANK YOU! CCAC is all volunteers and any funds received are used exclusively for outreach and advocacy for the CCAC Mission and Goals.  There is a lot more information on the CCAC website,

CCAC Mission: Advocacy for Quality Captioning Universally. 
Become a CCAC member today. Individuals and group memberships (free).


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