Hot Off the Press! Get your copy of “You Don’t Have to be Deaf to Love Captioning”

July 20, 2015 Comments Off on Hot Off the Press! Get your copy of “You Don’t Have to be Deaf to Love Captioning”

Book Cover with title and photo of flowers is the place

order for yourself and others

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Hope you enjoy it!

CCAC – the place 2 B 4 captioning advocacy

Out of the Mouths of Babes – #CaptiontheWorld

June 16, 2015 Comments Off on Out of the Mouths of Babes – #CaptiontheWorld

A new video – and the more the better – about quality captioning needed on all videos.

First a reminder about what CCAC calls “The Power of Captioning” –

Quality captioning is not only for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. It boosts search engines (they find text) so more of the world can find your video; it allows easier translations; it helps others learn new languages; captions are used by many others also (people with autism, tinnitus and no hearing loss, more). Captions ON in noisy places helps everyone (restaurants, waiting rooms, entertainment places, work cubicles).




Captioning communicates! – the place to be for captioning advocacy, all volunteers, official non-profit, Have you joined us yet? If not, now is the time.

Captioning Advocacy – Sing it with the CCAC

May 28, 2015 Comments Off on Captioning Advocacy – Sing it with the CCAC

Captioning is a solution for inclusion of mega-mega-millions of us, globally, not only with hearing loss or deafness, but for many other good reasons.

Captioning must be there for “everyone” in any audience, and it’s a “universal” solution since it serves so many others too (see above). CCAC has said this for 5 years (since day one of the CCAC) and has inspired others also to say the same.

Of course some people who are blind or have other needs will not use captioning and will require other resources (and many low vision people do want and use captioning also, they are members also in the CCAC).

The important point is that many in any audience will use captioning, if not for everything all speakers say or do (or use media captioning), but for part of it or in many common situations where it’s needed (even by hearing people, e.g. noisy places, or not wanting to use audio in order not to disturb others, and more).

In a perfect world, all we mega-millions would have a combination of all the various and coming-soon technologies at low cost to try and use in all places. Until then, sing it – CCAC mission = Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally – Join, what are you waiting for?

CCAC is also on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Celebrate Captioning Happening with the CCAC

February 26, 2015 Comments Off on Celebrate Captioning Happening with the CCAC

CCAC is so busy making captioning happen that we don’t have time to write a new post! Yet we hope you find this short one good enough to re-blog and share in your own networks, newsletters, and more – around the world.


CCAC has awarded funds to three Conferences in recent days so they can include live captioning! Our programs remind conference organizers that access with quality live captioning creates access and inclusion – and it’s vital.

CCAC contributed to a February 2015 huge women’s conference!

photo of Women's Conference with captioning on bottom of large screen on stage

Huge screen on left shows live captioning.

And to a March event online with captioning – for a diverse technology group of young folks and others who want to help others enter technology careers.

And just approved a September 2015 event that offers live captioning for a wonderful outdoor week with meetings/group discussion in the evenings (to be captioned, with CCAC funds contributing).

More about these events and the two CCAC programs here: contribute and participate!  Read

CCAC speaks captioning! – the place 2 b 4 captioning advoacy


Making captioning happen!

Special THANKS to all who contribute and also join the CCAC. See webpages.

TEXT LANGUAGE – Strong, Solid, Meaningful

January 27, 2015 § 1 Comment

Speech to Text (STT) is a global term to describe all captioning, subtitles, text interpreting, and CART (live captioning).

New – how about TEXT LANGUAGE- what do you think?



The problem with speech to text is that it’s historically used for dictation – a one-person thing – one person talking to herself more or less. Captioning is so much more than that – it’s conversation, communication, relationship!

Text Language has a nice ring to it – strong, solid, meaningful.

Did we say we like Text Language  – TL – tell us your thoughts too. – the place to be for captioning advocacy


Captions for Everyone – A Hearing Point of View

December 19, 2014 Comments Off on Captions for Everyone – A Hearing Point of View

A CCAC member says this – a hearing person – it describes very well how many of us with acquired hearing loss (mild or severe close to deafness) experience quality captioning on media – useful for any captioning advocacy you or we are doing:
“I prefer to watch everything with captions….There’s something about reading a movie that provides a higher level of access for me. I don’t have to strain to make out what people are saying, especially strange or new words like people’s names and names of locations. I …love to experience a movie through its rhetorical or interpretative transcription. I also identify with some of the work on how captioning can benefit some people on the autistic spectrum who use captioning to cut through the sonic clutter and access meaning through a different stream (words instead of or in addition to sound). I’m not autistic, but at times I definitely benefit from having sounds spelled out for me that I had trouble discerning through voice alone.” *
And CCAC says –  this is also why many times, when we are using Live Captioning (CART) at any event or meeting, others come up to us and the professional and ask, “how did you do that? it really helped me also!”
CCAC invites you to JOIN today – why not? If the small membership donation is a hardship, just ask for a waiver. CCAC – The Place 2 B 4 Captioning Advocacy. Go to now, find the join tab. Welcome!
If you belong to a hearing loss or deaf or disability group – so do we – you are welcome in the CCAC – share their captioning news – and ask any questions.
image of key and text says "language is key"
*from Sean Adenek, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Technical Communication & Rhetoric, Texas Tech University – thanks Sean!

Success in “Captions Capture the Votes” in Oregon, thanks Rep. Sara Gelser!

August 25, 2014 § 3 Comments

CCAC volunteers have been working for months to educate, raise awareness, and advocate for QUALITY CAPTIONING to be used for all the many election year 2014 campaign ads on the Internet, and we also advocate for a live campaign event with live captioning for all in the audience.

Watch this especially popular one – all for a good cause:

We are happy to say thanks today to one candidate – as follows:

THANK YOU STATE REP. SARA GELSER  (Sara Acres Gelser) for inclusion of quality captioning! We count this as a  campaign video online since you are in the middle of a re-election campaign in the great state of Oregon!

Your video with good CAPTIONING is partially due to the CCAC campaign, Captions Capture the Votes) and our friends in Oregon e.g. Karen Brockett, and our conversations with you. 

We know you understand the needs of people with differences and our rights for access and inclusion.

Dear Representative Sara – we wish all candidates in every State followed your example. If you have a live event with live CAPTIONING or need help to arrange it get in touch. Best wishes for your campaign in Oregon.

Cheers Lauren/CCAC

JOIN and support the one and only CCAC – go to to learn more. We are hundreds of citizen advocates, all volunteers, who know the value and vitality of quality captioning (subtitles, speech-to-text) – the world’s language! if you care to pour some ice or warm water over your head and also make a contribution to the CCAC, thanks if you do!

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