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It’s time for you to submit a thought or two about why you love CAPTIONING of any sort – media or live and real time. We all know it’s the world’s language, so why don’t others understand this? Why are machine captions being used without corrections?

When did you first discover CAPTIONING? Where did you see it? Where do you miss it now?

Hope to hear from many of you :-).




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We agree and yet it’s hard to display…

All the many forms of captioning today,

In one drawing or photo

CCAC Logo with words Caption Universally

That shows them all – or hey…

How about if our CCAC members, friends, followers, supporters and others here,

Take time to lend an ear,

And find a photo to add to our collection?!

We’ll say thank you without hesitation :-).

Still scene from CCAC film, international people speak about needing captioning

We also have so many photos for public distribution,

On the CCAC social media pages,

Just look there anytime,

Don’t cost even a dime!

Yet to continue the fabulous fun of Captioning advocacy,

The CCAC does ask this small mercy – donate and support us.

There are annual expenses every year,

We don’t waste a tear,

Happy to invest,

Because so many are worth it,

Yes! No doubts,

Don’t Leave Us Out!

Caption Universally!

(join and offer support – is the place).



August 9, 2014 § 4 Comments

CAPTIONING – there are many ways to shout about the vitality and necessity and wonderfulness of captioning – yet we continue to meet people that really don’t know what we are talking about!  Honestly – they are not sure what it is….


WE continue to search for phrases that will catch attention e.g Captioning Communicates or Captioning Captures the Words.  This is our newest! Captioning is an eye-opener!

SOME friends and others talk only about “subtitles” for movies and television. Some know that captions are very similar to subtitles, and some know that we need them on all Internet media now also (all videos).

SOME have read about “live” or “realtime” captioning – or “speech-to-text” yet have never yet seen it live – have no local place to see RTC (also called CART, CART Captioning, Text Interpreting and also STTR in various different counties) in action.

WHO are these “some” and “we” we’re part of and concerned about? Mega-millions globally! We need quality captioning for access and inclusion due to hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, different learning styles, visual learners, language learners, for translations globally, and for many others who prefer quality captioning in all noisy situations (e.g. sports bars) and also in quiet situations (medical center waiting rooms with the TV on all the time). Mega-millions!

LET”S hear your story –

WHERE and why and when do you have the captions on? Where was the first time you saw live captioning?

CAPTIONING is an eye-opener! Why? It brings us back into communications and relationships – that’s life and that’s what is healthy for all.



Lessons Learned

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Michele is also a CCAC member and we are honored to have her participation :-). This is not about captioning per se – yet some encouragement for us all. There are always new things to learn, dips as she says (challenges and changes), and resources to discover. Use whatever connections and networks you can find! Best to all, Lauren/President/

Originally posted on SayWhatClub:

By Michele Linder

On the SayWhatClub email lists we often talk about our experiences and challenges, and we vent when our hearing ability changes, whether those changes come through progressive loss or through a change in device.  Often we are looking for the lesson in the difficulties we face.

And, yes, there is a lesson.  It’s a hard one to learn over and over again, though surely worth it if we can stick it out.

Take it from someone who has never found benefit with hearing aids… you just have to learn to live with less and less and still be you.  That’s true for anyone with a progressive hearing loss, whether they are aided or not, just as it’s true for anyone who faces a different life than how they started out.

What have I learned in almost 50 years of losing my hearing?  You have to give yourself…

View original 618 more words

CCAC Invites Videos for “How Captions Capture Life for Me”

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New CCAC Captioning Advocacy Idea from our members – let’s see how this develops, it’s a good one!

Here’s the idea – we invite you to send us a short Video (up to 2 minutes maximum or shorter) about how Captioning helps you – in a very specific situation – a very detailed way.

lights, with directors_chair

How are you going to speak about this – or illustrate it? You can make the video of yourself telling about it – or use a friend – or a catchy short series of photos – cartoons – whatever!

The video must have quality captioning too – if you need help with that, just ask the CCAC.

Your own specific situation might be for media of any kind (videos, movies, other media? games or apps or TV or web series, or ?)…OR..

…it might be for telephone calls, job-hunting, teaching, church, any live events (meetings, conferences, social life, webinars, school, work, or ?).

Put on your thinking caps now! We are looking for 12 – TWELVE – of these short videos. At the end of 12 months, there will be a prize for the best – we’ll take votes :-).

Ask us questions now, tell us your ideas, get that webcamera going and look smart :-).

Ready, camera, action!

(Not sure what to call these videos yet – any suggestions? For now, we’re calling it “Captions Capture Life for Me” – but maybe there’s a better name for this project…tell us!

The Best 6 Political Campaign Ads of the Summer (So Far)

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How Totally Wonderful that TIME has added Quality Captioning for these political ads! Thank you TIME! Tell the candidates that their ads on their own webpages have no access! No quality cc for millions of voters. We invite your interest in this non-partisan campaign called “Captions Capture the Votes!” – Read more here:
(Candidate in ME – only this one is cc’d of course since only Signing is used – by the way, 99% of deaf/deafeend/hoh do not use sign language – we use captioning, the world’s language.)

Originally posted on TIME:

These are the dog days of election year politics. The fields are mostly set, and the final battle is still too far away to matter much. Plus, who wants to think about politics in summer? The answer: The campaign ad makers. Political Mad Men have no problem working the heat into their spots, or doing even better by making political spots so compelling we can’t look away even when we would rather be swimming.

So without further ado, here is our take on 2014’s top 6 political ads of the summer, so far.

6.”Sunshine” – Charlie Crist, Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida
[time-brightcove videoid=3670878484001]

Charlie Crist pays homage to the sunshine state of Florida through this ad’s theme. The high-quality video clearly outlines what Crist accomplished in his last term and what his goals are should he be reelected, which gives viewers a clear picture of what this candidate…

View original 424 more words

“There’s no insurance against disability.”

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Life is full of ups and downs. Bravo for this new video from ‘youth” in Europe. Quality captioning included, our language (for deaf and hard of hearing) and a global communication feature!

Karina is a CCAC member too.  She was the Educational Adviser and trainer for this study session on behalf of the Council of Europe.

There was a participant from Armenia who needed RTC and that was provided (aka CART/STTR).





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