CCAC Invites Videos for “How Captions Capture Life for Me”

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New CCAC Captioning Advocacy Idea from our members – let’s see how this develops, it’s a good one!

Here’s the idea – we invite you to send us a short Video (up to 2 minutes maximum or shorter) about how Captioning helps you – in a very specific situation – a very detailed way.

lights, with directors_chair

How are you going to speak about this – or illustrate it? You can make the video of yourself telling about it – or use a friend – or a catchy short series of photos – cartoons – whatever!

The video must have quality captioning too – if you need help with that, just ask the CCAC.

Your own specific situation might be for media of any kind (videos, movies, other media? games or apps or TV or web series, or ?)…OR..

…it might be for telephone calls, job-hunting, teaching, church, any live events (meetings, conferences, social life, webinars, school, work, or ?).

Put on your thinking caps now! We are looking for 12 – TWELVE – of these short videos. At the end of 12 months, there will be a prize for the best – we’ll take votes :-).

Ask us questions now, tell us your ideas, get that webcamera going and look smart :-).

Ready, camera, action!

(Not sure what to call these videos yet – any suggestions? For now, we’re calling it “Captions Capture Life for Me” – but maybe there’s a better name for this project…tell us!

The Best 6 Political Campaign Ads of the Summer (So Far)

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How Totally Wonderful that TIME has added Quality Captioning for these political ads! Thank you TIME! Tell the candidates that their ads on their own webpages have no access! No quality cc for millions of voters. We invite your interest in this non-partisan campaign called “Captions Capture the Votes!” – Read more here:
(Candidate in ME – only this one is cc’d of course since only Signing is used – by the way, 99% of deaf/deafeend/hoh do not use sign language – we use captioning, the world’s language.)

Originally posted on TIME:

These are the dog days of election year politics. The fields are mostly set, and the final battle is still too far away to matter much. Plus, who wants to think about politics in summer? The answer: The campaign ad makers. Political Mad Men have no problem working the heat into their spots, or doing even better by making political spots so compelling we can’t look away even when we would rather be swimming.

So without further ado, here is our take on 2014’s top 6 political ads of the summer, so far.

6.”Sunshine” – Charlie Crist, Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida
[time-brightcove videoid=3670878484001]

Charlie Crist pays homage to the sunshine state of Florida through this ad’s theme. The high-quality video clearly outlines what Crist accomplished in his last term and what his goals are should he be reelected, which gives viewers a clear picture of what this candidate…

View original 424 more words

“There’s no insurance against disability.”

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Life is full of ups and downs. Bravo for this new video from ‘youth” in Europe. Quality captioning included, our language (for deaf and hard of hearing) and a global communication feature!

Karina is a CCAC member too.  She was the Educational Adviser and trainer for this study session on behalf of the Council of Europe.

There was a participant from Armenia who needed RTC and that was provided (aka CART/STTR).




Walking Live Captioning – Americans in London Town (UK)

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Saying a special “well done” to the professional live captioning provider (Darlene) and the University of Washington for the support they are giving to a student who is studying abroad (in London) this semester. How great to have communication access needed for class, theater, and walking tours!



Does your student need captioning? Ask for it.

Do you want some encouragement or more information?

Join the CCAC – the place for captioning advocacy.

Elections 2014 – Make Your Voice Count for Captioning!

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PRIMARY  elections are happening today in six USA states – and over and done in others.

JOIN us in a new way to advocate for the captioning so many millions of us need – Captions Capture the Votes is a captioning advocacy project that needs you now.  Captions give us equal access to the information needed to vote as an informed citizen.



NOW is the time for all voters who care about equal communication access to contact the main candidates in your voting area (for Senate, House, and Governor) and ask for QUALITY CAPTIONING on all campaign videos online, and also at least one event with live, realtime captioning (CART).

ARE  you with us or dropping out?

YOU say you are not political? Think again. Life is political. This is a non-partisan campaign.

WE ask you to contact both candidates (Republican and Democrat) yet if you contact only one, that’s up to you – please let us know and we’ll message the other one!

MESSAGE?  It’s very simple – include quality cc on all campaign videos online (not awful machine only automatic captions) and plan (and tell us about) at least one live event with realtime captioning soon (for example, a candidates’ debate).


DON’T wait  – join us now in this Captioning Advocacy Project. It educates, raises awareness, and who knows? We may find a few candidates who understand the need and do it!

Read more here:

Email CCAC anytime: or CapturetheVotes@CCACaptioning

Captioning communicates, invigorates, and rates!








Must Read! Hearing folks tell CCAC how they use Captioning!

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  • CCAC is a captioning advocacy group!

    Must read! all the replies to this posting so far, see below and add yours:

    Did you know? 80% of people using closed captions had no hearing impairment at all. Why captioning makes good sense for everyone.

    Did You Know? 80 Percent of People Who Use Closed Captions Have No Hearing Impairment – see report on this link –

    JOIN the CCAC – tell the world to Caption Universally! invites you

    REMINDER: Captioning not only for TV – for All Media Online! and for millions, realtime Captioning, live, requried for conferences, meetings, webinars, school, work, and more – theater, lectures, social events…it can be done! Important to ask for it and ask again. Need help? Join the CCAC.

Caption Universally! Logo for Lots of You!

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To use on your blogs please, newsletters, websites, signatures, and profiles. CCAC has this mission for almost five years – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally! That’s what we ask for every day, hundreds of us:

CCAC Logo with words Caption Universally

Need a different format? Email anytime to

A member of the CCAC yet? If not, you are invited! See

Want to help with current captioning adovacy campaign? Here’s a good one –

Where do you need captioning now? This summer? Real Time Captioning too? Tell us more – June is a jumping month.



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